Question about fingerprints and keys uploaded to keyservers

David Shaw dshaw at
Sat Feb 21 23:49:27 CET 2004

On Sat, Feb 21, 2004 at 10:28:09PM -0600, Newton Hammet wrote:
> Hello everyone again and thanks to gabriel, David and others who
> responded.  I think for me the mystery might be solved.
> appears "broken", at least with respect to fingerprint.
> appears to be OK, with respect to fingerprint in that
> the fingerprint it reports for my new key is identical to the finger
> print that gpg-1.2.4 reports. (actually I have compiled gpg-1.2.4 from
> source and have made a single change, allowing for a maximum RSA key
> size of up to 8192 bits... a very simple coding change).
> But it appears you can download my public key from and
> that key works just fine too, since someone used my key downloaded from
> that keyserver to send me an encrypted email.

Yes.  Back in the day when nearly all keyservers had this bug, I
actually added a little feature to GnuPG to help deal with it.  The
code is still in there, so if you want, add
   keyserver-options refresh-add-fake-v3-keyids
to your gpg.conf file.

Then, when you do a --refresh-keys, it tries both the real and bogus

I wonder if the fact that PKS and the server have
several identical bugs says something about the genealogy of  PKS has been somewhat fixed at this point, but hasn't.  I think(?) the PKS licence allows for this, but
it's interesting anyway.


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