installation GPG on LINUX webFTP

Peter Valdemar Mørch swp5jhu02 at
Mon Feb 23 13:51:21 CET 2004

This is kind of an openended question, but basically it boils down to:

0) If you have access to another linux box, make sure you can get your 
script to work on another Linux box, where  gnu-pg has been manully 
installed/moved to a non-standard location, and where there is no 
"proper" gpg location on the box. The experience gained here will make 
it much easier.

1) Figure out exaclty what OS/cpu combination your ISP is using. 
?php-info? or something like that may tell you. I forget.

2) Figure out what your pwd working directory is. (Assume 
"/home/whatever" for this mail)

3) Assuming this is Linux/x86, can you get other executables to work 
there? If you eg. put a copy of /bin/cat from another machine into your 
home directory as /home/whatever/cat, can you then call it from a php 
script properly and get the results you expect?

4) If(when!) you can get a copy of cat to work that is much simpler, 
then try with gpg. gnupg's --homedir option may be your savior...



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