What is the purpose of all files in ~/.gnupg ?

John Clizbe JPClizbe at comcast.net
Mon Feb 23 13:21:20 CET 2004

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Nikolas Garofil wrote:

> What is the meaning of the following files:
> gpg.conf     : Configuration of the gpg-program (I think)
> pubring.gpg  : Stores all public passwords (I think)
> pubring.gpg~ : ?
> random_seed  : Used to create good random passwords (just a guess)
> secring.gpg  : Stores all secret passwords (I think)
> trustdb.gpg  : ?

At a minimum, I'd take gpg.conf and the three *.gpg files.

secring.gpg : Your private keys - can't work without them
pubring.gpg : Your and your correspondent's public keys
trustdb.gpg : Trust settings assigned to your and to other's keys
gpg.conf    : Configuration settings for your environment

The manner of transmission is up to you. I've used ZIP disk, LS-120
floppies, USB sticks, and PCMCIA Flash ROM cards at various times.
You're free to just copy the files to the backup medium, make a tarball,
encrypt the tarball, whatever you wish.

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