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Wed Feb 25 22:58:54 CET 2004

* Neil Williams [Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:09:28 +0000]:

>                           as I can't get Aegypten project code to compile on 
> Debian. (So I send inline when composing the message is easier in KMail and I 
> use PGP/MIME when I don't need/have a GUI by using Mutt

    I have myself Aegypten working on Debian, and I know for sure many
    other people do too. While some packages are already in official
    Debian repositories (libgcrypt, libgpgme, cryptplug), others are
    still "on the way". For these, I know at least one repository in
    which they can be found, and sure there'll be others. This is from a
    Spanish LUG member:

        deb ./

    However, and IIRC, they are compiled for sid, so if you use woody
    you'll have to search for another repo.


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