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Simon Hawkin wrote:
> Hi all,
> As I wrote a week ago
> (,
> I do not seem to be able to generate keys or get any useful response
> from gpg beyond --version and --help options. Could someone point me to
> the right direction so I could fix this?
> Thanks!

OK, you wrote then:

> Just installed gpg version 1.2.4 on msys (mingw) on Win 2003 server.
> When trying gpg --gen-key, nothing happens. Same effect both in the
> precompiled version and when compiling the sources. gpg --help etc work
> fine; so it seems there is a problem with tty_printf, but maybe not.
> Anyone here knows what to do about this?

The crowd that knows about MinGW is somewhat small. The MSys bunch is
*much* smaller -- mingw-msys generates 1/10 the traffic of mingw-users.
Since this is the GnuPG list, you are dealing with the intersection of the
two -- arguably a small domain of experience.

I've seen the behavior you describe. It occurs when running either's or Nullify's gnupg build within MSYS's Bourne shell.

The fix is simple. Run gpg from a Win32 shell, cmd.exe.

MSYS's documentation (MSYS_Welcome.rtf) states:
	MSYS - Minimal SYStem
	Version 1.0.10

	Welcome to the world of MSYS and MinGW.  Minimal SYStem is a
	minimal POSIX system used in the Win32 OS to accomplish
	configuration and making of packages.

There is enough support for ./configure && make. That's it. I'm not sure
if the MSYS-developer package would help you or not in this case.

If you ABSOLUTELY require a Posix environment, then take a look at Cygwin,
AT&T UWin, or (gackk) Microsoft's SFU. All $free. A quick test shows that
Cygwin's gpg works fine under MSYS's /bin/sh (utilizes $GNUPGHOME and
~/.gnupg instead of Windows Registry settings).

Since you seem to have pegged the problem, you may want to post to
mingw-users or mingw-msys and see if there is a work-around or fix available.

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