[Announce] GnuPG 1.3.5 released (development)

David Shaw dshaw at jabberwocky.com
Fri Feb 27 10:55:44 CET 2004

Just in case it was lost in the standard release notice boilerplate:

> This release brings development fairly close to a good point for 1.4.
> If there is something that you do not like here, be it a missing
> feature, a UI choice, or, well, anything, now is the time to speak up.
> Once 1.3.x becomes the new stable, large changes will be unlikely.
> While we obviously cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be
> included, they will all be looked at.

Look at things.  Poke at things.  At the very least - especially if
you aren't running some flavor of Linux - build it on your platform
just to see if the self-tests work by doing a make check.

I'm currently leaning towards the idea that the show-long-keyids
option (really two different options, one for --list-keys, and one for
sig verification) feature is too complex and not complete to boot.
Tell me I'm right.  Tell me I'm wrong.  Most importantly, tell me

Incidentally, if anyone is in an environment that is using the "PGP
Universal" system, the new LDAP support should be able to interoperate
with its keyserver.  It works for me.  I'd love to hear from anyone
else who tries it.

Send comments to the list, though, and not directly to me.  Someone
may have a comment about your comment, and we'll all benefit.


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