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Sat Feb 28 08:54:56 CET 2004

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 08:06:33AM -0500, FRANK HUBENY wrote:
> I am seeing on my key multiple self signatures after I do any editing
> to my key.  They are all " sig 3 ".

The 3 just means that you've signed the key with full trust.

> I am useing version " 1.2.4 ", on a windows 2KP system.  Is there a
> reason for this.  I am not asked if I wish to sign my own key.  I have
> just started to do editing on my GPG key for the first time.

I'm guessing you added or changed expiration dates?

That's represented in the key by a new self-signature. (I've got
more than a few of those on 0x0cf9091a, for instance.)

> Can I, or should I remove them.  If so which one.

I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't remove them, since their presence
means that it's possible to keep track of the history of the key,
and, assuming they've made it onto a keyserver, you can't
functionally remove them anyway (same thing goes for out-of-use
uids, which is why you should revoke those, which revocation is ALSO
a self-signature in a sense, incidentally).

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