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Ingo Klöcker ingo.kloecker at
Thu Jan 1 13:51:08 CET 2004

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 01:41, David Shaw wrote:
> The "PGP" model is the one based on Maurer.  The idea is that each
> signature has a numeric value embedded in it, and validity is a
> function of that value.  So if A signs a user ID on B with 100
> points, and A is fully valid, then B has 100 points.  B can then sign
> a user ID on C, but can only use 100 points to do it (if B signs with
> 200 points, C only gets 100 of them).  By convention, 60 points is
> equivalent to the classic trust model's "partial trust", and 120
> points is equivalent to "full trust".  The signature can also have
> the number of levels the points may travel, and a regular expression
> to match user IDs on which the points may travel.  Thus you can make
> signatures that say such things as "I sign B's user ID, but I only
> trust B enough to make people partially trusted and only for people
> at  All trust must stop after 2 hops.".

I guess everything after the "[...], but" is not incorporated into the 
signature but is part of the local trust database. Correct? Now I 
wonder how I can specify "I only trust B enough to make people 
partially trusted and only for people at". Is it correct that 
the first part "partially trusted" can be achieved by assigning 
"marginal trust" to a key owner (gpg --edit-key trust)? How can I 
assign a regexp?

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