filenames of encrypted attachments visible ? How hard would it be to hide?

Ivan Boldyrev boldyrev+nospam at
Tue Jan 6 13:20:00 CET 2004

On 8614 day of my life Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> And the encrypted part is again a full MIME message, with
> attachments and all.  So the only relevant bits that go over the
> wire unencrypted are From/To (unavoidable to the extent of the email
> addresses) and the Subject (I have a proposal that could address
> this cooking slowly, I think I posted it in some places a few months
> ago).

Have you ever recieved spam with fake From and To headers?  There are
headers and there is envelope in message, and latter is not visible to
user.  So, you can user fake address in headers (or do not use headers
at all) and real addresses in envelope (and envelope is visible only
to transport agents, not delivery agents).

Ivan Boldyrev

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