"--armor" ignored when using the "--set-filename" option?

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Fri Jan 9 07:57:14 CET 2004

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>Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 23:20:55 +0100
>From: "Ralf Hauser" <ralfhauser at gmx.ch>
>Subject: "--armor" ignored when using the "--set-filename" option?
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>Thanks to Brian,
>figured that the attachment name can be hidden with GPG.
>However, I have troubles now getting "set-filename" to work together
>(input and output are piped):
>1) <<gpg --homedir
>/tmp/gpg-jw-ewynt6dazpf4 --no-tty --always-trust --comment
>yComment  -a  --set-filename a.txt --sign --passphrase-fd 0 --encrypt
>87826F38 >> the armor command gets ignored and binary output is
>produced (I
>am running this out of Java and get java.io.IOException: Broken
>Changing to "--armor" has no effect.
>2) I tried all kinds of other variants breaking the sequence of
>[--homedir name]  [options]  command " (as per the man page) that
> <<usage: gpg [options] [filename]>>
>e.g. put the set-filename to the end
>(because on the command line "gpg --armor --encrypt --recipient
>me at domain.com --set-filename foo.txt <inputFile >encryptedFile.asc")
>Any hints would be highly appreciated!

try gpg '-a --store'  instead of just '-a' 
and then the rest of your commands


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