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Chris Fox dissectingtable at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 12:20:37 CET 2004

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John Clizbe wrote:
| A good percentage of Windows (and *nix) users are using GnuPG with Mozilla
| (Mozilla, Thunderbird, Netscape) and the EnigMail plugin
| ( http://www.mozilla.org and http://engigmail.mozdev.org ).

I've used Eudora in Windows for at least six years and since I tried
MozMail with Enigmail I'm seriously thinking of switching.  The PGP
integration is superb and coexists with certificate security, it's the
only MUA I've used that was able to get through the proxy servers at
work and connect me to my ISP (without having to use a klunky web
interface), and it's the same on both the platforms I use regularly.
Exactly the same, down to the eternally boggling Ctrl-M for new message.

As for Outlook, the 2003 version is probably the slickest interface out
there but you really need to be running under Exchange server to see all
its virtuosities.  And in Outlook I find the PGP current-window hotkey
functionality to be only one step removed from full integration.
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