Exporting key with photo ID

Marcelo Fernandez fernandezm22 at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jan 14 13:38:04 CET 2004

Well, I uploaded my key (with Photo ID) to a SKS server, now MIT,
Blackhole, etc. (older PKS servers) have my key (I can found it when I
search in those servers)... 

Is this a problem parsing the key when you upload it?

Will I have any problem with those PKS servers from now on? (I don't
think so, but... I have to ask) :D


El mar, 13-01-2004 a las 20:44, David Shaw escribió:
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 07:52:03PM -0300, Marcelo Fernandez wrote:
> > Hi, I have errors exporting my public key to any key server.
> > For example, when I try to submit it via www, I paste the key (in Ascii)
> > in the MIT server (http://pgp.mit.edu) there is a message saying  'Error
> > decoding keyblock'.
> pgp.mit.edu does not work with Photo IDs.  There is nothing you can
> do except use a different keyserver.
> > I searched in previous messages, and there was one person having exactly
> > the same problem (June-2002), and I figured out that is the Photo ID my
> > key is including. The answer was "try with ldap servers, like
> > ldap://pgp.surfnet.nl". I tried again with this server, and I got errors
> > too (I configured my .gnupg to ldap://pgp.surfnet.nl:11370):
> > 
> > [marcelo at localhost marcelo]$ gpg --send-keys mfernandez at lq.com.ar
> > gpgkeys: error adding key mfernandez at lq.co to keyserver: Already exists
> > gpg: keyserver internal error
> > gpg: keyserver send failed: error del servidor de claves
> > [marcelo at localhost marcelo]$
> This is something odd happening on the surfnet keyserver.  The server
> is reporting that the key already exists, but isn't giving it to you
> in the search.
> David
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