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Saw this on PGP-Users and thought I'd pass it on to the other lists.

Yesterday, Jan 15th, The U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) released a
report titled "Information Security: Status of Federal Public Key
Infrastructure Activities at Major Departments and Agencies."

Excerpt: "Why GAO Did The Study: The federal government is increasingly
using online applications to provide access to information and services
and to conduct internal business operations. In light of this trend,
strong security assurances are needed to properly safeguard sensitive,
personal, and financial data, in part by ensuring that the identities of
those who use such applications are appropriately authenticated. When
fully and properly implemented, public key infrastructure (PKI) offers
many of these assurances. In 2001, GAO reported that the federal
government faces a number of challenges in deploying PKI technology
(GAO-01-277). GAO was requested to follow up this work by (1) determining
the status of federal PKI activities, including initiatives planned or
under way at 24 major federal departments and agencies, as well as the
status and planned activities of the Federal Bridge Certification
Authority (FBCA) and Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES)
programs, and (2) identifying challenges encountered by the 24 agencies in
implementing PKI initiatives since the 2001 report was issued."

Current: GAO-04-157-Status of Federal PKI Activities (58pgs; 535KB)
Full report:

2001's GAO-01-277-Federal PKI Initiatives (82pgs; 742KB)

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