struggling with potential keyid conflicts

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Tue Jan 27 09:40:16 CET 2004

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Jim Hurd wrote:

> GPG seems to handle keyid conflicts very awkwardly.
> I was playing a bit with the 0xDEADBEEF id (famously conflicted keyid).
> recv-keys downloads multiple keys with the same key id, but gpg only
> uses the "first" one (I don't know the definition of first, maybe it
> is date?). The only way to access the second (assume for the moment that
> user id's are identical, or also conflicted in a different way) seems to
> be to delete the one I don't want, then sign the one I do want.

I think it's affected by the order they get stored into the keyring. I've
noticed that when doing a refresh, keys are processed in the reverse order
they were added.

You can select individual 0xDEADBEEF keys by specifying the long keyid:
0xF87A2B53DEADBEEF Preston Wilson
0x7AC13FB2DEADBEEF Imad R. Faid 04/28/1999
0xA2061199DEADBEEF Imad R. Faid 08/03/1999

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