struggling with potential keyid conflicts

David Shaw dshaw at
Tue Jan 27 13:13:54 CET 2004

On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 11:36:06AM -0500, Jim Hurd wrote:

> Thanks! I didn't realize that 64 bit ids and fingerprints are
> accepted interchangeably with 32 bit ids.
> Do you know where keyservers are with this issue? I tried:
> gpg --keyserver --recv-key  0x5BD18B6A42B9247EF79214B7F87A2B53DEADBEEF
> And it gives the same result as
> gpg --keyserver --recv-key  0xDEADBEEF
> So either GPG or is peeling off the lower 32 bits and
> calling it good enough. I suppose no harm is done, since if I know
> the fingerprint I want there is no serious harm in loading the
> extraneous keys.

It's the keyserver.  GnuPG gives the whole fingerprint to the
keyserver, and the keyserver handles it as it sees fit (which
generally means to truncate it to the lowest 32 bits).


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