Importance of time in pgp algorithms

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Tue Jan 27 14:58:34 CET 2004

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Nicholas Paul Johnson wrote:
| Hello,
| I've two questions.
| 1.) I have a laptop that does not keep good time.  Will the clock skew
| affect GPG adversely while encrypting or decrypting emails?
| 2.) I also use a desktop.  Is it secure for me to simply duplicate my
| ~/.gnupg directories on each machine (assuming that I copy the files in a
| secure way), or should I create a different key-pair for the desktop
| machine?

You should very rarely generate a new keypair.  As for the security of
your keyrings, that pretty much depends on the security of your
passphrase; we have to be able to move keyrings from machine to machine
otherwise we're only identifying machines, not ourselves.

When I first got into PGP I went hog wild and created keypairs for every
email address.  I came to regret it.
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