How to change gnupg quotation behaviour?

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Ben Branders wrote:

> Ben Branders schreef op 28/01/04 18:25:
>>> Is there an option to change GnuPG's behaviour so that it don't
>>> converts my quotation characters?
>>> I'm using GnuPG 1.2.4 and Thunderbird 0.4 with Enigmail
> Apparently it's an Enigmail 'option'.  I turned it off and now my
> quotes are ok (I think).
> I has something to do with flowed text (RFC 2646).

Better named Format=Flawed given the headaches it causes with signing and
verification. It allows text to automatically adjust to the width of
different display devices, ie. monitor versus PDA.

Actually it's a hidden Mozilla option

Enigmail just lets you disable the troubled maker.
The Enigmail options all start with "extensions.enigmail". You can see all
the Mozilla options by entering "about:config" as the URL. Defaults are
innormal text. User overrides are in *bold*.

There's a great NS/Mozilla tweaking site at This one from the Mail-News section:

	#4: How can I have the classic ">" back instead of the
	vertical bar?

	Add the following lines to your user.js:

	user_pref("mail.quoted_graphical", false);
	user_pref("mail.quoteasblock", false);
	user_pref("mailnews.display.disable_format_flowed_support", true);

	The third line disables format=flowed and is necessary to
	completely disable it. Without it, format=flowed messages
	would still have the vertical bar.

user.js is an ordinary text file in your Mozilla profile directory.

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