Automated importing of keys

Derek S. Graham GRAHAMDS at
Wed Jan 28 17:48:10 CET 2004


I am working on a project where we are using GPG in an automated environment to pull encrypted files from a DMZ server and automatically decrypt them and move them to a specified location.  All this is working fine.  The problem I have is I need a script (Perl) that an administator can run to add new public keys to the key ring the application uses.  The application runs on a linux server under a user ID, mover, and we do not want to have administrators logining in as this ID.  My question is: is there a way that another user can access mover's GPG key ring to add and sign public keys?  I have created an Admin group of which mover is a part of.  Also I do not want to open up the permissions too much on the .gnupg directory, the secret key does not use a passphrase to allow for automation.  Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

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