update between pgp.mit.edu and keyserver.net

lukas lukas at web-xs.de
Sat Jan 31 00:49:52 CET 2004

Hi folks,

maybe you already know this, but on other lists it had caused
some confusion. So I wanna post it here.
It's an answer to a mail that I sent to pgp.mit.edu and also to
keyserver.net, but only pgp.mit.edu has replied to it.
The answer was addressed to me and to keyserver.net.

> > I've noticed that there are no updates between keyserver.net and
> > pgp.mit.edu which is strange, because both servers are
> > major-servers. I don't know if this failure (if it is one) is
> > caused by keyserver.net or by pgp.mit.edu, so I send this mail to
> > both sites.
> >
> > These "update failure" causes some confusion on several
> > mailing-lists and so I hope that you can inform me about the
> > reason.
[answer from pgp.mit.edu]
> The last time I tried, which was admitedly a while ago, I was unable
> to get in touch with anyone associated with keyserver.net in order to
> set up a link between the two keyservers.  If anyone at keyserver.net
> is reading this and can direct me to the right person, please let me
> know.

So IMHO it might be better, not to use keyserver.net at the moment,
because it seems that they do no updates with other keyservers.



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