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John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Sat Jan 31 18:22:00 CET 2004

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Steve Wolfe wrote:
> I've just started toying with GPG, and added a small picture to my
> key.  It seems though that this is preventing the keyservers from
> accepting my key as valid.  I was hoping that there is a way to remove
> this photo from my key without having to revoke it alltogether.

"the keyservers"? Which one(s)?  This is a symptom of unpatched PKS
servers which don't understand newer key features like PhotoIDs.

Try an SKS server such as or

There are PKS servers that have been patched to work or not mangle the
newer key packets, but overall current work is happening with the SKS
software. (Side note: the latest release of SKS supports subkey indexing
and searching)

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