geam-install failed (implicit declaration of 'strlen')

Dieter Guthmann Dieter.Guthmann at
Tue Jul 6 14:56:14 CEST 2004


I've tried to install Geam on a LFS (Linux from Scratch) 5.1, but I've
- after "./configure" and "make" two (IMHO) very strange errors
xmalloc.c: In function `xstrdup':
xmalloc.c:66: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlen'
xmalloc.c:67: warning: implicit declaration of function `strcpy'

- I tried to include <string.h> in xmalloc.c which allowed me to build
the Package without error-messages, but "make check" failed here:

checking simple proxing ...
error connecting `localhost': Connection refused

Where is my fault?
Thanks in advance.

Dieter Guthmann

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