gpg --edit-key when the key has many signatures

David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Jul 22 14:52:06 CEST 2004

On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 10:03:37PM +0200, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> David Shaw wrote:
> > On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 09:05:24PM +0200, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> > However, note that the keyserver may well give you duplicate user IDs
> > again the next time you refresh the key...
> > Which keyserver do you use?
> I use (don't ask me why)
> Are there keyservers that don't / tend less to send duplicate uids?

It might not be that did it - since keyservers sync with
each other, any brokenness often replicates quickly to other servers.
I'm not sure which particular keyserver software had (or has) this

> Is there a way to get gnupg to repair keys non-interactively?

The upcoming GnuPG 1.2.5 repairs keys automatically on import so you
don't need to do it when the key is edited.


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