UTF8 passphrase problem (I think)

Tom Hardy rhardy at visi.com
Fri Jul 23 00:53:49 CEST 2004

Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

> i didn't think of the possibility that it's an IDEA encrypted key....
> if you have pgpdump, try this...
>  gpg --export-secret-key {key-id} | pgpdump | less
> towards the very top (with the encrypted secret key stuff, before the
> preferences)  you'll see "Sym alg". what is it?
I had to get and install pgpdump.  I don't have IDEA but it appears that
should only affect the 2.6 key (and see note below).

E4042B72 Created 2004-07-09 with UTF system DSA Sym alg - CAST5(sym 3)

o  This works for signing and for adduid.

07cf11c6 Created 2003-09-16 under Linux/8859 DSA Sym alg - CAST5(sym 3)

o   Passphrase no good for signing or adduid.  I think I should
concentrate on this one and figure out why the passphrase isn't

d2e6a4b8 Created 1998-06-23 with Windows/PGP5 DSA Sym alg - CAST5(sym 3)

o   Passphrase no good.  If I can get 07cf11c6 to work, this one should

bc0e8015 Created 1998-07-04 with Windows/2.6 RSA Sym alg - IDEA(sym 1)

o   This is the only one that uses IDEA.  If I understand correctly, I
will need the IDEA module to revoke it, presuming I can get the
passphrase working even so.  Revoking would be sufficient.  Actually, I
still have 2.6.2, Linux version instead of Windows version, but I
suppose I would have to export/import to get a working key ring?

More reading....

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