Upgrading after Nullify

Dr. Shantanu Nagarkatti shantanu at chrd.in2cable.net
Tue Jul 27 20:45:04 CEST 2004


What happens if I unzip and extract ALL the files into the existing GNUPG 
root directory?


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At 11:37 PM 7/27/2004, you wrote:
>Dr. Shantanu Nagarkatti shantanu at chrd.in2cable.net wrote:
> >How does one upgrade to GNUPG 1.2.5 after the Nullify install?
>fairly pain-free:
>[1] make a new directory for 1.2.5, and unzip the binaries into the new
>(*not* into the root gnupg directory where Nullify is installed now)
>[2] copy the following files fom the 1.2.5 directory into the c:\gnupg
>directory that has the Nullify install:
>when prompted to over-ride files of the same name in the Nullify install
>in c:\gnupg, allow it to be done
>that's it ;-)
>no registry changes are necessary,
>and IDEA will still work.
>no re-booting necessary

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