Can't locate public key or pubring.gpg

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Fri Jul 30 05:39:15 CEST 2004

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> I compiled successfully gnupg-1.2.5.tar.gz. I followed
> the instructions on the gnupg handbook from generating
> a new key pair to generating a revocation certificate
> which all worked fine.
> However, when I went on to the section exchanging keys
> and exporting public key I could not get any
> improvement.
> If I do the command: # gpg --list-keys, I get only pub
> and sub. I don't see anything in the output:
> pubring.gpg.
> Did I do something wrong during the compile though I
> throught everything was fine? I could not find the
> public key so that I could export it or copy it to my
> windows machine.
> Any tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks in
> advance.

i'm assuming that you have a linux or unix type machine...

in the above command, the prompt is a pound sign. are you running this as 
root? off topic, but it's usually best to avoid running things as root 
unless you have to.

anyway, what happens if you do:
 	gpg --list-keys
 	gpg -a --export

reading between the lines, it seems that you might be confused about 
exporting keys and listing keys... if you run the command above, it might 
make more sense. if it doesn't make more sense then let us know what error 
messages you get.


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