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Johan Wevers johanw at
Fri Jul 30 19:48:55 CEST 2004

Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

> 	"If someone created a database of all primes, won't he be
> 	 able to use that database to break public-key algorithms?
> 	 Yes, but he can't do it. If you could store one gigabyte
> 	 of information on a drive weighing one gram, then a list
> 	 of just the 512-bit primes would weigh so much that it
> 	 would exceed the Chandrasekhar limit and collapse into a
> 	 black hole... so you couldn't retrieve the data anyway"
> 		-- Bruce Schneier, Applied Cryptography

Sorry for being off-topic, but I hope Bruce Schneier knows more about
cryptography than about astrophysics. The Chandrasekhar limit is the
limit after which a white dwarf collapses into a neutron star. The
limit after which a neutron star collapses into a black hole is known
as the Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit.

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