Charset conversion during encryption

Albert gnupg at
Thu Jun 3 16:21:17 CEST 2004

Am Dienstag, 1. Juni 2004 13:18 schrieb Holger Sesterhenn:

Hi Holger,

sorry for my late reply, I had a hd-crash.

> > This charset problem drives me crazy sometimes. Now I use SuSE
> > 9.1 with default-charset utf-8, but it happened with SuSE 8.2
> > and iso-8859-15 too.
> ;-) Our cusomers, too
> > If you run the script manually everything works fine, if the
> > script is started by a cron job KMail says, that there is an
> > invalid signature.
> Maybe there is some "quoted printable" conversion, too?

I have no idea, if anything in the chain does this. As mentioned I 
use mail/nail to send from a shell-script.

> > ANTIVIROPTIONS="-s -v -z --allfiles -e -ren -dmdel -dmdas -r1 \
> > -rf$LOG_FILE_ANTIVIR -ra -lang=DE"
> So the antivir program use german log messages?

It did and I changed from DE to EN. Antivir is an example of the 
problem and I think a lot of people use it, so they can test this 
themselves. If a programm doesn't support a language setting you 
will get a lot problems. It was not a good idea for me to use 
"locales" in the script.

> > If I change to lang=EN everything is fine.

> No characters above 127 :-)

Of course.

> >
> > | /usr/local/bin/gpg --local-user $SENDER --no-secmem-warning \
> >
> > --quiet --charset utf-8 --textmode --clearsign --trusted-key \
> > "$LONGKEYID" \
> >
> > | mail -s "Virusalarm on $MACHINE in $SCANDIR " \
> > | `date +%y-%m-%d`"  "`date +%H:%M` $WARN
> Maybe you should convert the $LOG_FILE_SUMMARY to UTF-8 or quoted
> printable before signing with GnuPG?

I tried this and it worked fine with german chars, when the script 
was started _manually_, but no chance to get it work with a 

> --clearsign could make some trouble if there is a mailer which
> use auto-conversion from 8BIT to quoted-printable or vice versa.
> I have those messages some time in my mail header. To my mind,
> this is the default config for sendmail and/or postfix on SuSE.

How do I deactivate this auto-conversion temporarily for a single 

> Next mail in german?

Your private mails in German are welcome, but I answered to the 
list, hoping that anyone of the developers gets aware of this 


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