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You should be able to continue using full Outlook if you use GPG with a
graphical front end like WinPT that allows you to encrypt and decrypt inside
any application's window (Outlook, etc.).

I actually use the free version of PGP for that.  It has somewhat of an
advantage of being all in one.  It has "hot keys" which let you do your
encryption/decryption/signing all from within whatever application you're
using (Outlook, etc.).  The beauty of the hot keys is that the application
doesn't have to have any specific support from PGP, so it will work in
Notepad, Word, web browser text boxes, etc.

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On Thursday 17 June 2004 21:37, J. Wren Hunt wrote:
>JW: Do yourself a favor and get Mozilla's Thunderbird at
>JW: Version 0.7 was just
>JW: released.

ThunderBird is a replacement for Outlook-Express

But What about Outlook - the one with the calendar, and notes and etc etc..
ThunderBird does not have all this thinks..

Anyone knows about a good replacement for Outlook full for windows with GPG

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