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I got my free Windows PGP from .  The advantage over GnuPG
is that it doesn't require the installation of a separate front-end
component, and I found it was a good way to get started, personally.
(Since then I've also installed and used GnuPG, both on Windows and

The PDF manual that comes with it is pretty good, but I wish it would
give more emphasis to the HotKeys, which I've found is the most
convenient way to use it, since they allow you to
encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify in any application, without a plugin. I
do 99% of my stuff with the HotKeys (or the right-click PGP context
menu that gets added to Windows Explorer).  I almost never use the
PGPMail tool, which the manual focuses on.  It took me a while to
clue into using PGP that way, though.

Install it and feel free to email me with any questions.   I've
talked people through it a few times.

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Could you please give us more details or point us to some sites about
running Outlook with GPG or PGP or something else free?  Windows
users need to be supported.
Thank you.

On Sun, 20 Jun 2004, Jerry Windrel wrote:

> You should be able to continue using full Outlook if you use GPG
> with a graphical front end like WinPT that allows you to encrypt
> and decrypt inside any application's window (Outlook, etc.).
> I actually use the free version of PGP for that.  It has somewhat
> of an advantage of being all in one.  It has "hot keys" which let
> you do your encryption/decryption/signing all from within whatever
> application you're using (Outlook, etc.).  The beauty of the hot
> keys is that the application doesn't have to have any specific
> support from PGP, so it will work in Notepad, Word, web browser
> text boxes, etc.
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> On Thursday 17 June 2004 21:37, J. Wren Hunt wrote:
> >JW: Do yourself a favor and get Mozilla's Thunderbird at
> >JW: Version 0.7 was
> >just JW: released.
> ThunderBird is a replacement for Outlook-Express
> But What about Outlook - the one with the calendar, and notes and
> etc etc.. ThunderBird does not have all this thinks..
> Anyone knows about a good replacement for Outlook full for windows
> with GPG support?
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