HOPE 5 - Encryption Key Signing

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Mon Jun 21 20:48:20 CEST 2004

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this is cool... there's gonna be a keysigning party at HOPE 5....

 	Encryption Key Signing
 	Seth Hardy

 	It's a surprising fact that a large number of attendees at this
 	very conference, even those who call themselves hackers and/or
 	security professionals, probably don't use any sort of encryption
 	- or don't use it properly. One reason may be because people think
 	nobody else uses it. So until it has a stronger presence, it won't
 	be as widespread as it really should be. In order to help fight
 	this, Seth will be hosting a key signing session. There will be a
 	rundown of why people should be using strong crypto, how the web
 	of trust works, and moderation to public verification of identity
 	and key fingerprints.

is anyone here attending HOPE this year? should we organize a sub-set of 
keysignings, amongst those of us on this list?


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