FW: Re: gpg --gen-key using /dev/urandom is possible?

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Wed Jun 30 05:04:02 CEST 2004

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On Tue, 29 Jun 2004, Jaime [iso-8859-1] Suárez wrote:

>> the output from my /dev/random increased tremendously after following that
>> how-to... no more waiting for entropy... i had a script generate a
>> thousand keys (4096!), and not a single one had to wait for system
>> entropy.
> ¿Could you please post the script? ¿Any link about estimating entropy?
> Thanks.

MD5 (gen-key-batch.gz) = 4409429759af233af7b27fb94b1e1c1e

the script is *crude* and lacking comments, but attached. it writes each 
key-pair to it's own public/private files, using the current date/time as 
a prefix: if it generates keys faster than 1/second, files will get 
clobbered, using the current naming convention.

as is, it generates a sign+encrypt RSA primary key with NO subkeys, and a 
finite life. read the docs and you'll see how to generate a more common 
DSA/ElGamal key.

if you want to generate 20 keys (all with the same UID) just run:
 	$ ./gen-key-batch 20

there a section (Unattended key generation) in doc/gnupg/DETAILS that goes 
into the the options and how to set them.


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