gpg --list-sigs (root for other users)

darren chamberlain dlc at
Wed Mar 3 11:28:59 CET 2004

* Albert <gnupg at> [2004/03/02 17:14]:
> How can root list or export the keys of 1 or better all user(s) on a 
> machine without su?

If you're already root:

  # gpg --no-default-keyring \
  >     --keyring /some/user/.gnupg/public.gpg \
  >     --export KEYID

You'd just need to be able to read the user's keyring file.  (This is a
good reason to not keep your keyrings on a box you don't control, BTW.)
If you're not root, and have no way to become root, then you're probably
out of luck, barring permissions problems on the keyrings.


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