Keysigning CeBIT 2004

Marcus Frings iam-est-hora-surgere at
Sat Mar 6 17:59:30 CET 2004

* Daniel Luebke <list at> wrote:

> is anyone aware of keysignings at this year's CeBIT in Hannover? Or is

Good question. :-)

> anyone willing to meet somewhere there in order to extend his/her and
> (my ;-) WoT? I will probably attend on the 18th, 20th, 21st.

Well, last year there was a keysigning party at the KDE booth on Sunday
and a regular meeting for key exchange at the Debian booth every day at
2:00 pm.

I haven't heard of any key signings at this year's CeBIT but I guess the
Debian booth should be a good place for a start.

> If you are interested just drop me a mail.

Due to possible public interest I answered to the list.

"Ich, der Engel, töte vor den Augen der Mutter das erstgeborene Kind. Ich
verwandle die Städte der Menschen in Salz und wenn ich will, breche ich die
Seele aus dem Körper eines Kindes und ich sage euch, das Königreich wird mein!
Und die einzige Konstante in eurer Existenz ist eure lächerliche Unwissenheit."

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