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Sun Mar 14 13:24:42 CET 2004

At 15:36 13.03.04 +0000, you wrote:

>Has anybody here managed to build a newer version of GPGAgent than
>v0.1.0 for Windows which is on the Sourceforge WinPT site?

I succeeded to build it but this is no suprise, since I'm the
author of it. Do you have any special problems with the code?

>If so, How hard was it to build and is there anything I need to know
>about trying to build it before I start?

Read the README file to make sure you understand how it works and
the security suggestions.

The code is rather old and I'm not sure if this program is the
right solution for most people. WinPT has an internal passphrase
caching and other frontends also have this feature. If you need
GPG on a server or in an automated environment, the gpg-agent
is a good thing otherwise the caching is propably easier to use.


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