Looking for Elgamal sign+encrypt key information

vedaal at hush.com vedaal at hush.com
Sun Mar 14 21:25:18 CET 2004

>Message: 8
>Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 09:23:40 -0700
>From: Kurt Fitzner <kfitzner at excelcia.org>
>Subject: Looking for Elgamal sign+encrypt key information


>When I am using Windows platforms, I tend to use PGP 6.5.8ckt, which
>does support the use of Elgamal sign+encrypt keys.  So if there
>problems inherent in this, I would be most appreciative if someone
>shed some light on this.

6.5.8 ckt 'doesn't' support it. [*try it* ;-) ]

it experimented with including it when it was anticipated that it might
be widely used by GnuPG,
but abandoned fully integrating it, when GnuPG moved to DSA and discouraged
ElG signing.


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