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> How does GPG handles trailing white spaces when preparing cleartext
> signatures? Also, what is PGP8's default behavior? If anyone can shed
> light on this I would appreciate it.
> If the whitespaces are removed before calculating the signature, then
> are they removed from the document as well before it is sent out, or
> does the receiving side have to do it's own trimming of trailing
> whitespaces before calculating the signature?

RFC 2440 -
	5.2.1.	Signature Types (0x01)
	7.1.	Dash-Escaped Text

the trailing whitespace is left intact in the document, and the signature
verification performs the same tricks "when the cleartext signature is
calculated" on the receiving end. at least, that's the way that GnuPG
seems to handle it, and i don't see anything in the RFC that specifies
removing the trailing whitespace from a document when signing it.

since that's the openPGP standard, i would hope that PGP8 does it that
way by default  ;)

hhmm...  this might cause problems if someone wants to sign a program
written in the 'whitespace' programming language  ;)


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