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On Fri, 30 Apr 2004, Bill Turner wrote:
> So far as a 'safe' place to keep the reovation certificate, which I have
> as yet not made and am going to do so as soon as this clears the system,
> would a 'web mail' account (Lycos.com for instance) be considered
> 'safe?'

i would say that a web mail account is not a safe place for anything. it's
subject to incompetence, hacking and FTMP they can disable your account
with or without reason, with or without notice.

i consider a safe place to be a bank safe deposit box. you can store keys
and revocation certificates there on disk and/or printed out. if you have
a *good* safe in your home or office, that might work. most people think a
$100 fire-safe is a safe... if someone can pick it up and walk out with
it, it's not safe! in my experience, for a safe to be practical, it must
weigh at least 600-700 pounds (275-325 Kg) (minimum!) and/or be bolted to
a concrete floor.

one of the reasons that i have an expiration date on my keys is in the
event that i lose them... they'll revoke themselves!

also, for anyone who thinks they're likely to lose their secret key or
password, consider designating a revoker... someone you trust, who can be
called and asked to revoke your key for you. of course, this has to be set
up ahead of time.


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