OT: Revoking Old Keys... my problem

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Sun May 2 09:18:13 CEST 2004

On Sunday 02 May 2004 2:59, Jerry Windrel wrote:
> Is there any way to add an expiration date to a key that's already been
> uploaded to key servers?  My key is "forever" (mostly because that was the
> default) and I'm thinking it may have been better to give it an expiration
> date.  I guess I could revoke it and generate a new one, this time with an
> expiration date, but is there any other way?

Yes, edit the key and set a new expiry. This will cause problems for some 
(broken/old) keyservers so make sure that you upload the key to a capable 
keyserver: subkeys.pgp.net or keyserver.kjsl.com are my two favourites.

from man gpg:
    --edit-key name
                 Present a menu which enables you to do all key related tasks:
			 expire    Change the key expiration time.  
			If a subkey is selected, the expiration time of this  subkey will be 
			changed.  With no selection, the key expiration of the primary key is 			

When you upload it, the new self-signature will be added to the keyserver copy 
of the key which will allow gpg to show the new expiry.


Neil Williams

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