OT: Revoking Old Keys... my problem

Bill Turner turner_bill at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 4 02:48:50 CEST 2004

Steve Butler wrote:
 > Bill,
 > I'm not sure that I'd consider any place on the WEB as safe for a 
 > cert.  Perhaps a bank vault or a heavy fire safe at home.  Committing the
 > entire revocation cert to memory would be a little extreme!
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 > To: Jerry Windrel
 > Jerry Windrel wrote:
 >>The problem of having a key that you cannot revoke, and the partial
 >>solution I outlined, reminds me somewhat of the situation in the Book
 > So far as a 'safe' place to keep the revocation certificate, which I 
 > as yet not made and am going to do so as soon as this clears the system,
 > would a 'web mail' account (Lycos.com for instance) be considered
 > 'safe?'  If I had done that before I would not be having this problem
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Hello Steve,

I gathered as much from comments from others.  I still have not made the
revocation cert.  Here's what I have done though.  And why I have not
yet made the revoke cert.

1.  I was able to change the expire date.  I set it for 10 years down
the road as someone had suggested that and his reasoning seemed sound to me.

2.  I have added a comment into my email sig concerning the 'bogus' key
and the new key.

3.  I have installed GnuPG Shell and could also get WinPTools if wanted
but so far it seems that gpgshell has everything I really need it to do.

4.  I have been spending a lot of time reading docs re:  gpg, Mozilla
and enigmail.  A lot of time.  That has raised a few questions for me.

5.  I have not been actually using the gpg key to sign anything until I
have the answers to a couple of questions.  If it turns out that I am
going to end up revoking this key as well - something I will do as a
last resort only - I don't want to be putting more copies of the key out
there then there already are.

A few questions concerning signing, and revocation.

1.  I saw a reference in the docs - or maybe in the 'edit-keys' portion
of gpg - concerning 'non-revocable' signing of my key.  This seems like
a good thing to do.  I haven't done that yet either.

2.  Someone had suggested (a few actually) I change my 'gpg comment' to
have the essentials (in the sig below) concerning the old key being
'bogus'.  I haven't done that yet either.  Although with gpgshell I know
it does give an option to do that very thing.

Firstly, since I have not yet made the 'irrevocable signing' nor the
'revocation cert' of my key, should I do the 'signing' first or does
that really matter?

Secondly, is it possible to change the comment in my gpg key without
having to generate a new keypair?  If so, should I do that before I
generate the revocation cert, afterwards, or does it matter at all?

I suppose I am just a bit confused on the 'proper order' for all these
things.  Also, since I made both keys 1024 bits, is that adequate,
really?  I am beginning to think perhaps I should have made the second
key 2048 instead of 1024, especially if I am going with a 'expire' of 10
years down the road.  If 1024 bits is actually an 'appropriate' size
then I am fine.  I just need a bit of guidance on the right order to do
the 'irrevocable local signing' and the 'revocation cert' generation.

One final question which I will post to the group under a fresh topic

Have a good one.


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