unknown decryption error messages

Hunter, Bryan Bryan_Hunter at archway.com
Fri May 7 23:45:47 CEST 2004

Hi Werner:

Thank you for your response.  You asked.

>Sorry, I don't know what you want to achieve.

After creating a native key, 4 lines show up in a secret key list. The 2
"sig" lines are not present for the imported key pair from PGP 6.0.2.  What
is the significance?  Is there a way to sign the imported secret keys
presuming that is what this means?  I am not trying to modify any content
just trying to get the full functionality when moving from PGP to GnuPG.

>sec  1024D/E7F90291 2004-05-04 abc <abc>
>ssb  2048g/CF8E4F56 2004-05-04

>sec  1024D/D9B508FE 2004-05-05 wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>
>sig 3       D9B508FE 2004-05-05   wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>
>ssb  2048g/1F4732CF 2004-05-05
>sig         D9B508FE 2004-05-05   wwxxyyzz (wwxxyyzz) <wwxxyyzz>

In regard to the errors.

>I am pretty sure that this is corrupted data.

Yes, the code that was supposed to force a binary transfer failed and the
data was corrupted.  This happens often enough that it would be really nice
if there were a way to detect this corruption and put out an appropriately
friendly message.  It would be nice if there happened to be some high order
bit that is regularly set which could then be checked and used to detect
this corruption.

Best Regards,
Bryan Hunter

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