[OT?]: Keyserver / Subkeys / replicating selfsigs

Sascha Lüdecke sascha at meta-x.de
Mon May 10 20:16:35 CEST 2004

Hi David, hi list!

David Shaw <dshaw at jabberwocky.com> writes:

>> After some keysigning I was notified that my key on wwwkeys.pgp.net
>> is unuseable.   After taking a closer look there are strange
>> effects.  This is my key:
>> [...]
>> b)  parts of the key get rejected.  When submitting through the
>>     webinterface, the result is:
>> [...]
>>     Whats going wrong here?
> The keyserver is broken.  Most of them are.  Very few are fixed.

Hm, bad luck for me this time then.  There are some _new_ servers in
the rise calling themselves SKS, but I am sorry to say that even those
are not yet OK now.  One of them lists a subkey of mine as revoked
which is definitely isn't.  So I'll avoid any of them in the future.

>> 2. Problem:  replicating selfsigs
>> =================================
>> a)  what can I do to get rid of this selfsigs
>> b)  how can I stop the keyserver or gnupg from replicating this sigs?
> You can't win.  Give up.

I do :)  But I am left with a massive self-signed key.  Any way to
remove the extra ones?


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