Using passphase-fd from within a batch procedure

Eugene Kotlyarov ekot at
Tue May 11 14:58:27 CEST 2004

Dave.Fragiacomo at wrote:

> I would like to initiate gpg to decrypt a file (testfile1.gpg) from 
> within a batch procedure that has been executed with the %1 variable 
> being set to the passphase.
> "gpg --options FEDopt --output Compressed\testfile1.txt --decrypt 
> testfile1.gpg"
> How would I get gpg to recognize the %1 variable as being the 
> passphase rather than gpg interactively requesting the passphase to be 
> entered?
I think it would be something like
"echo %1 |  gpg --output Compressed\testfile1.txt --batch 
--passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt testfile1.gpg"

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