key-signing for pseudonyms

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here's a thought....

let's say i meet someone and their key-name is a pseudonym. we want to
sign each others' keys, but i have no idea who this person is.

we can generate a random string (while face-to-face) and each write that
down on paper (taking precautions that this shared secret remains secret).
later, i generate (by myself) a second random string and email it to them,
encrypted and signed. when they mail me back both strings, encrypted and
signed, i sign their key and send it back encrypted (and delete my local
copy of their key signature). when the signature appears publicly, can
there be much doubt that i'm dealing with the same person i met?

if both of us are using pseudonyms, we agree on two random strings when we
meet... one string is their secret that they confirm with me, the other is
my secret that i confirm with them.

how secure (trusted?) is such a protocol?

what level of trust (signature) would this earn?

in such a situation, what disclaimers might someone use in a policy-url?


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