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On Sun, 16 May 2004, Chris Fox wrote:
> Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

> > i'll re-read through it tonight. are there any particular parts in
> > particular that apply to our thread? the problem remains a social problem,
> > not a computer problem.
> Gotcha.  Well, as long as it's only a case of simple personal
> authentication  and not the evasion of a major government's dedicated
> intrusion attempts, I'd say do the confirmation over the telephone.  You
> can do PK key exchange through public channels and verify authenticity
> with a phone call.  It's not like ordinary individuals have networks of
> spies and spoofing servers at hand.

voice authentication works for people we know... my brother and i
confirmed each others keys by reading the fingerprints over the phone (his
key isn't in circulation, so there was no point in signing each others
keys). that would be a tough thing to spoof, since we've known each other
for quite a while ;)

at the other extreme, there are a few people here that i've been chatting
with off list, but having never met them, i would not sign their keys over
the phone.

using myself as an example, let's say i don't have any formal ID that
identifies me as "atom smasher" (whether or not i do is not a factor...
let's just say i don't). of course, some people have known me as "atom
smasher" for years, but most of them don't use pgp (so they don't count).

so, if i'm at a conference and i want to exchange key signatures with
people, i can prove that i currently control this email address and key by
sending some secrets back and forth.... not a problem... but if i want to
"prove" that i'm atom smasher...?? that could be tough....

and the weird thing is that the key-signing how-to guides go into detail
about verifying the fingerprint and name... that's only 2/3 of identifying
a key! in my situation, i can easily confirm 2/3 (email and fingerprint),
but it's not the 2/3 that most people are trained to look for.

is 2/3 good enough? should people sign my key if i prove my email address
and fingerprint are correct? or should the how-to guides be updated to
recognize that 1/3 of the identification process is currently missing?

in any case, i'm still looking for suggestions on proving a pseudononymous


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