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> > what if i was personally introduced to you as "atom smasher"? what if i
> > was introduced by someone who we've both personally known for years? what
> > if i was speaking at a conference, and identified as "atom smasher"?
> I don't think that would be enough personally for me. I really like to
> tie it into some legal form of identification. That's what my signatures
> mean to me: I have verified that this person is who they say they are, and
> they are in control of the email corresponding to the uid(s) that I
> have signed. Other people's signatures may mean something different.
> I am hard pressed to come up with circumstances where a person I meet
> in person still insists on a pseudonym and has no "real name" uid. If there
> were extenuating circumstances however, I would probably sign it at
> "level 2" with a unique policy url stating why the person has no real
> name and why I signed it anyway. It's really on a case by case basis: I'm
> sure if you gave more specific examples, people could tell you what they
> would do.

sounds reasonable. anyone else?

> >> * Nor do they get it unless they sign mine as well!
> > ~someone~ has to go first, right?
> Not if you are using the Biglumber key exchange service! If you are logged
> in to Biglumber, just hit the link and upload a signed copy of the other
> person's key. When they upload your key signed by them, Biglumber mails
> you both a copy of your signed keys.

that's pretty cool! i just signed up to biglumber, but i didn't know about


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