Signature Types

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed May 19 00:28:34 CEST 2004

On Tue, May 18, 2004 at 03:59:35PM -0400, Atom 'Smasher' wrote:
> according to RFC 2440:5.2.1. (Signature Types)
>     0x10: Generic certification of a User ID and Public Key packet.
>         The issuer of this certification does not make any particular
>         assertion as to how well the certifier has checked that the
>         owner of the key is in fact the person described by the User ID.
>         Note that all PGP "key signatures" are this type of
>         certification.
> what is meant by the last sentence? it would seem is if signature types
> 0x11-0x13 are not valid, and i know that isn't the case.

That sentence is just to inform you that while 0x10, 0x11, 0x12, and
0x13 are all valid, the PGP program only generates 0x10 (though it
will accept any).


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