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Thu May 20 20:04:44 CEST 2004

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> On Wed, 19 May 2004, Marcus Frings wrote:

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> that's a great piece of work!

Thank you! If anyone wants to use it feel free to copy the content but
please send me a mail with the link to your policy so that I can add the
link to my page. And since I'm not a native English speaker I would also
be happy if someone sends suggestions for removing weird phrases or
spelling errors. :-)

> the only part that doesn't make sense to me is why a sign-only key can't
> qualify for a level 3 signature, even if it meets all of the criteria for
> a sign+encrypt key to get a level 3 signature...?

Well, usually these keys are just used for signing other people's keys
and not to sign mails (these guys usually have a second sign+encrypt key
for this purpose). And very often these keys don't consist of e-mail
addresses where I could send challenge mails to. Since a very accurate
check (level 3) means to me that I have verified 1) fingerprint, 2)
identity card and 3) mail addresses I decided to give sign-only keys
only a signature level of 2 as step 3 will obviously fail.

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