revoked key - was: Re: key-signing for pseudonyms

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Sun May 23 17:23:07 CEST 2004

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Subject: Re: revoked key - was: Re: key-signing for pseudonyms

> > >This is fixed in the updated OpenPGP draft, and GnuPG will have the
> > >fix as soon as it is standardized.
> >
> > Can you describe the fix?  Would this fix also address the simpler
> > attack I outlined here?
> The fix is fairly simple conceptually.  Just have the signing subkey
> issue a signature on the primary key.  Mallet could not issue such a
> signature.  It does not address the attack you mention.  That attack
> is a social problem, and is thus resistant to technical solution.
> David

Can you explain what exactly the "social problem" is?  What are the signers
doing wrong exactly?

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