key-signing and stolen subkeys

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On Sun, 23 May 2004, David Shaw wrote:

> If I was going to sign your key, I would issue YOU a challenge.  Not
> vice versa, since there is no point in you issuing a challenge to me.
> I don't need to prove key ownership, but you do.

i wouldn't expect ~you~ to fall for this trick... but someone who is new
to pgp and doesn't fully understand public key crypto can be tricked into
using this broken keysigning protocol:

let's say mallory wants to sign your key... mallory issues you a
challenge... you prove your ownership of the your key by signing ONLY THE
CHALLENGE. mallory then gives that same challenge to alice (who doesn't
know better), and offers to "prove" his ownership of ~your~ key by sending
alice that signed 'challenge' (it's not a proper challenge, but alice
doesn't know that!).

by not including a note in the signed material, and only signing the
challenge, you'd be making it easy for mallory to "prove" that your key is
his... and if he collects signatures on it it can create FUD.

the attack depends on finding a key signer who doesn't know how to
properly validate a key... but that's really not hard to find.


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