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So, if somehow you managed to put the passphrase in a script, it would have
to be:
a.  Encrypted so prying eyes couldn't decode it.
b.  Open to prying eyes.
Assuming point a, then you would need a key to decrypt it.  Ergo a
passphrase to decrypt the passphrase.  Oops.  Back at square 1.
Ergo, point b.  But that would reveal the passphrase!
Guess not.
However you can automate it in a manner that the script will know the
passphrase.  However, anybody else reading the script could figure it out
also.  Check out  --passphrase-fd

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I was decrypting a file and I had to put my paraphrase in.  Is there a way
to bypass this or automate the paraphrase being passed via a parameter w/out
revealing the paraphrase? 

Derek B. Smith
OhioHealth IT
UNIX / TSM / EDM Teams

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